Nature Lab

Throughout history, artists and designers have looked to nature to inspire and inform their creations. Access to nature enhances student learning, resulting in a more active creative process and encourage exploration and integration of STEAM thinking (Science Technology Engineering Art Math).

The Somers High School Nature Lab consists of specimen from the natural world, as well as reference books and was inspired by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Nature Lab, whose intent was to “open students eyes to the marvels of beauty in nature…of forms, space, color, texture, design, and structure”.

The SHS Nature Lab was made possible by a generous Somers Education Foundation (SEF) grant and is now prominently displayed and has been put to good use, as multiple Visual Arts classes investigate and illustrate objects from the collection. The installation of the SHS Nature Lab is just in time to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the RISD Lab that inspired it! It is our hope that the labs collection continues to grow and allow nature to inspire student creativity.

Framed-Nature Nature-Display Jessica-Clayton-Student-Work